ASNE-Puget Sound Hears Report On Coast Guard Service In The 1980s

A recent meeting of the Puget Sound Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers heard Capt. Emlyn Jones Jr., of the Thirteenth Coast Guard District, deliver a presentation on "The Coast Guard of the Eighties." The report focused on the technical improvements in ships and rescue systems planned in the coming years.

The features of the new "Bear" class cutter were particularly h i g h l i g h t e d , as the vessel is equipped with the AN-SLQ-32 electronic warfare system, closein weapon system, MK 92 gunfire control system, towed array sonar, fin stabilizers, Lamps MK III capability, and waste heat recovery boilers.

Captain Jones also pointed out that the Coast Guard employs two surface effect ships in Florida in drug interdiction operations, and is presently contracting for a h e l o - c a r r y i n g SWATH, although certain advanced marine vehicles such as hydrofoils are not planned for Coast Guard use due to their lack of multi-mission capability.

He also discussed the impact of the current budget cuts on Coast Guard operations, which has resulted in the closure of all overseas offices, the decommissioning of some vessels, and a 4 percent personnel reduction. The Coast Guard efforts at attracting high-caliber manning have continued, however, and as a result there exists a six-month to oneyear waiting list to enter. Increased sea pay has further augmented lists of personnel waiting to go to sea.

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