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HamiltonJet HT810

HamiltonJet completed assembly of the second model in its new HT series – the

HT810. It follows on from the HT1000 and partially bridges the gap between the

HM811 model and the larger HT1000.

Not only does the HT810 mixed flow pump offer both improved efficiency and cavitation performance, with its new re- verse duct design it has a reduced tran- som footprint for a jet of its size, enabling reduced jet centers required in narrow hulls or multi-jet installations.

The HT810 is also supplied with a fac- tory-built transition duct, eliminating the requirement for this to be fabricated by the boat builder and ensuring accurate geometry for the intake flow. The first pair of HT810s will be installed in a 34m vessel in Taiwan, powered by MTU 16V4000 M90 engines and be capable of over 30 knots.

Wireless Comms Sensors

From Omega comes The Dil- bert Blue Cat

New Horizons in

Wireless Commu- nications (Version

No. 26) catalog contains 68 full color pages of cutting-edge tech- nology showcasing top-selling Wireless

Sensors, Transmitters and Receivers,

Ethernet Web Based Measurement and

Control Devices for Monitoring &

Recording Data over the Internet. Wire- less Solutions include Temperature, Pres- sure, pH, Humidity, Flow and Process applications for Test & Measurement,

Automation and Industrial Manufactur- ing.

Dual Range Digital



MCRT 79700V has two ranges with inde- pendent out- puts eliminating the cost and inconvenience of swapping between two or more conventional torquemeters when production is switched between different products. The MCRT 79700V Series

Dual Range Torquemeters from S. Him- melstein accurately measure torque even if the ratio of peak to average torque is high.

Smart Battery Isolator

Cole Hersee introduces its new Smart

Battery Isolator 48525 and 48530. Ideal for marine applications, the smart battery isolator prevents loads on the auxiliary battery from draining the starting battery.

The smart battery isolator provides a more flexible solution than traditional isolators, as it is not specific to an alter- nator type.


Hand-Held Combustion

Gas Analyzer

The new E1100 Hand-Held Combus- tion Analyzer is a rugged unit for boiler, burner, engine, turbine, furnace, and other combustion applications. Pre- calibrated and field replaceable sensors allow for easy diagnostics and replacements to reduce “down- time” and costly repair charges.The

E1100 also includes: O2 (0-25%) and

CO (0-8000 ppm) Sensors; Efficiency,

Excess Air, and CO2% Calculated Val- ues; and Stack Gas & Ambient Air Tem- perature Measurements.


Sound Damping

Sandwich Steel

Antiphon AB introduced a new product for structure borne sound damping; an- tiphon MPM (metal-poly- mer-metal) foiled, a sheet metal laminate with a thin foil on one side. The core material is two zinc coated sheet steel laminated with an acoustic inner layer to obtain the best structure borne sound damping. MPM foiled makes it possible to use laminated sandwich systems in more visible environments and also to choose MPM foiled deliberately as a decora- tion material where sound damping is wished for. MPM foiled is used when the de- mands for appearance as well as function are high. Aluminium is also an option as core material. MPM foiled has the same qualities as the traditional MPM and is used to reduce vibrations and structure borne sound without increasing the weight of the construction and at the same time replace already existing materials. MPM foiled is available in a wide variety of foil surfaces, colours and patterns. MPM foiled is de- livered with a peelable protective film.

BR24PC Software

Development Kit

Simrad Yachting announced its

BR24PC Software Development Kit (SDK) for the commercial, military, marine and surveillance markets. Ap- proved third parties can obtain a li- cense to the BR24PC SDK and create

PC-based software that uses Simrad

Yachting’s Frequency Modulated

Continuous Wave (FMCW) radome technology. Potential applications in- clude on- and offshore security, un- manned vessels, military (stationary and moving), river navigation, boundary surveillance, fish-farm monitoring and oilrig ship-docking management.

Bioremediation Products

EnSolve Biosystems introduced a new line of products — EnSolve

ShoreClean – designed to facilitate cleanup of oil from shorelines, beaches, marshes and open waters.

The products are designed to release concentrated levels of naturally oc- curring oil-degrading microbes and nutrients into the waters and beaches along the contaminated shoreline. The microbes break down the particles of oil, converting it to water and trace amounts of carbon dioxide. The

ShoreClean products include booms and bags, which are filled with oil- consuming microbes and slow-release nutrients. The floating booms contain a natural oleophilic and hydrophobic sorbent.

Smart Landing System

TMEIC GE’s Maxview Smart

Landing system entered service on a new ship-to-shore crane, operated by

DP World (Canada) Inc. Operational data from the first 15 months proves that the semi-automatic system has met the company’s performance goals for preventing high-speed land- ings. Performance results show that on average, when the Maxview Smart

Landing system was in use, during pick-ups high-speed landings were reduced to 0.6 percent from 35 per- cent of total landings, average land- ing speed dropped to 6.2 percent from 13.2 percent, and average ki- netic energy imparted during landing was reduced by 85%.

Email: 3050 GNSS Receiver

The C-Nav 3050 GNSS units received type approval for shipborne operation. • Sub-meter precise point positioning; • 10 cm accuracy worldwide when operated with C-Nav correction subscription service • Tracks GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, C-Nav, other SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS)

C-Nav3050 type approval is fully rec- ognized by the USCG under the

EU/USA MRA rules and complies IMO

MSC.112(73) and A694(10) and EU Ma- rine Equipment Directive.


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