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Boston Whaler Debuts New Security Products

Timing, it is said, is everything.

Boston Whaler Commercial & Gov- ernment Products has combined timing with a sterling reputation in introducing a pair of new products touted as a plank in the war to keep terrorism from U.S. shores. According to Eric Caplan. director of Boston Whaler Commercial & Government Products, the Sentinel is a unmanned surface vessel (USV), which is a sensing platform able to carry a wide variety of the latest technology sensing systems available.

It is designed to be a multi-tasking craft, able to carry sonar for mine detec- tion equipment as easily as it would carry systems able to sense bio-terror- ism and nuclear devices aboard ships entering a harbor. (See story and photo on page 18). "This country obviously has a big job ahead of it, to secure its borders,"

Caplan said. "This will entail many new layers of security."

The platform is literally designed to fill most any need, and can be remotely operated from shore or ship, running sentry duty with pre-programmed coor- dinates or operated by sight via joystick control.

The 28-ft. Intruder

The 28-ft. (8.5-m) Intruder is a high speed craft designed and built for off- shore use under the most adverse condi- tions. Designed as a platform for law enforcement and security operations, this model offers a performance via

Baja's deep-V hull design with a 24 degree deadrise; with durable construc- tion and a number of mission defined layouts and options to ensure its opera- tional success in any number of scenar- ios. The 28-ft. Intruder offers an ergonomic console/leaning post layout to ensure a smooth ride and minimize crew fatigue, and a utilitarian layout and use of commercial duty hardware and components that require minimal main- tenance."The Intruder is the perfect complement to our line, and we are pleased to have Baja join our tem,"

Caplan said.

The Whaler line of products for mili- tary applications — which are under- standably built to withstand the harshest of conditions — are also built with pri- mary systems, such as electrical, propul- sion and fuel, standardized to simplify logistics, repair and training require- ments. The boats are available for both brown and blue water applications, and some are built for maximum speed in deployment, fitting aboard C-130s or slung under choppers.

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