Vericor Is A Reliable Source of Propulsion Power

Vericor Power Systems LLC remains a leading supplier of integrated aeroderivative gas turbine propulsion systems for commercial and military customers worldwide. This joint company of Honeywell International, Inc. and MTU Aero Engines GmbH offers commercial ship operators and navies alike its TF series aeroderivative gas turbines, which are adapted from Honeywell's proven aero-engine designs and specifically configured for marine use. Currently there are more than 500 TF 40 and TF 50 aeroderivative marine gas turbine systems operating worldwide.

The compact size and lightweight features of the TF series are advantageous for fast ferries and high-speed vessel designs such multihulls, hovercraft, conventional displacement hulls and other commercial vessels where small size and power density allows for faster speeds. TF series gas turbines drive a variety of propulsors including waterjets, fixed and variable pitch propellers, and, in the case of hovercraft, air props and fans. The ability to combine multiple TF engines on a single shaft line allows designers new flexibility in propulsion system configurations.

The TF series are "cold-end drive" gas turbines that can be integrated in a propulsion package in several ways. Flexible arrangement capabilities coupled with the compact size of the TF engine allows the gas turbines to be cantilever-mounted directly to the reduction gear, saving considerable weight in the form of support frames and mounting structure. Customers can use the compact TF marine gas turbines for stand alone power plants or combined with diesels to form COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine (CODAG) COmbined Diesel Or Gas turbine (CODOG) or COmbined Gas And Gas turbine (COGAG) configurations. Vericor Power Systems, along with its distributor MTUFriedrichshafen (a DaimlerChrysler subsidiary), provides CODAG, CODOG or COGAG systems for commercial and military marine uses. In CODOG systems, the diesels and gas turbines are used independently.

In CODAG systems, they are used together and can be combined on the same shaftline to maximize the propulsion system. COGAG propulsion packages can be designed to integrate two TF-series gas turbines in either a "side-by-side" or an "over/under" configuration depending on the space constraints in the hull.

Complete CODAG, CODOG and COGAG package systems include local ducting, control and monitoring panel, and bridge panel, if desired.

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